Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hi All!

I'm using this Blog to describe how I built my Arduino Controlled Airsoft Zombie Game.

Here's a video of a game test.

It's not finished yet, there's still work to do. I need to add the LCD display so you can see what game you're playing, add more games and of course add some LED's to the front panel, (Everything looks cooler with LEDs).

Over the next few days, weeks, or whenever I will post details of how I built it.
The first thing I knew I was going to use was the Arduino micro controller. The Arduino is quite accessible for people wanting to dabble in Physical Computing so it's the platform I chose. Before I went out and bought that though, I got myself a $10 Airsoft pistol from Walmart and a box of 10,000 plastic BBs. I wish I had got the biodegradable ones now as every now and then one will escape my garage and make it out into the wild.

I already had some thin aluminum sheeting from an earlier project, as well as a bunch of wood scraps so I built a test target, this design would change quite a bit as the project went on, but here is an early test to see if the Airsoft pistol could known down the target. REMEMBER EYE PROTECTION!

It could. :)